Pastor Harlan & Debi Seri
What does Pastor Seri
enjoy most about being a pastor?
I really enjoy teaching truths about the Bible,” he said.
He personally leads the Bible studies.
And he loves being at First. “People at First are very friendly. 
It is a very welcoming place.  It is very easy for someone
new to the church to get involved here.
It is a joy to be here as the pastor!”


Pastor Harlan Seri has been at First Congregational Church since November of 2015.  Before that, he served 8 years as a pastor in Minnesota. 

Pastor Seri taught reading, writing, computers, media and was a test coordinator/administrator in the Minneapolis Public Schools for many years.
Pastor Seri also coached high school basketball, soccer and track.

Pastor Seri earned his Master’s degree in Theological Studies from Northwestern College of St. Paul, Minnesota in 2008. He has also taken classes at the doctorate level at Bethel Seminary as well as the Institute of Lutheran Theology.

Pastor Seri grew up on a farm in North Dakota and came to faith in Jesus at the age of 16 (after years of his mom witnessing to him.)  
Pastor Seri is also an online Bible instructor for Village Schools of the Bible.